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  • Here, Now: Gillian Zinser
  • EOB: teaser
  • Women’s Equality Day: Equally Unique
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    + Here, Now: Gillian Zinser

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    ”I’m half German half New Yorker- born and raised in downtown DC. Mums a crazy beautiful painter and dads a brilliant architect. My folks were the coolest – super supportive and encouraging of exploring all forms of creative expression growing up.

    I first fell in love with the idea of being a performer when my folks took me to see this play ‘THE FANTASTICKS’ off Broadway when i was 7. The first scene just really got me, the curtain came up and there was this young girl my age, rocking back and forth on the floor in prayer saying ‘please god, please! don’t let me be normal!’ over and over and over again it was so weirdly powerful to me in that moment as a kid and comforting to be reminded so simply that it was okay – cool, even – to be a weirdo and an outcast in such a uncomfortable and confusing chapter of youth when there was so much pressure to ”fit in” with the crowd which i never did. So anyways, i dug that moment so much and it just made me fall madly in love with the power a performance can have to inspire others. I think it was then that i knew i wanted to act and be a part of the storytelling business so i latched onto theater quite young, but didn’t pick up my first real film camera til after college, actually. i guess its a newer hobby.

    At the moment i am curating an awesome art show in LA featuring a wild group of my favorite local artists and influencers, a photography project with kids from a homeless youth shelter in downtown LA, and putting together the first film i’m directing!

    Fashion to me is just passing trends. I do appreciate style, style is someones unique sense of self and the way they share that with the world. Their voice and it goes so far beyond clothing but clothing is definitely a fun form of creativity to express oneself with.”

    You can see new photoshoot with Gillian and her HANDWRITTEN interview in the gallery!

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    Gallery Links:
    | Photoshoots: 036
    x1 | HANDWRITTEN interview for The Collab


    + EOB: teaser

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    I’m absolutely speechless cause the new teaser for upcoming short film with Gillian Zinser is extremely interesting and awesome! Btw, she looks so naturally pretty in every scene so well it’s GORGEOUS!
    + I added captures from video to the photo gallery in best possible quality

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    Gallery Link: x494 | EOB: Teaser


    + Women’s Equality Day: Equally Unique

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    Today is Women’s Equality Day, a day that commemorates the historical anniversary (August 26, 1920) of women’s suffrage in the United States.

    On August 26, 1970, Betty Friedan and the National Organization For Women (NOW) organized a nationwide Women’s Strike for Equality. Fifty years after gaining the right to vote, women had yet to be granted equal opportunities in employment, education, and services such as twenty-four hour child-care centers. Many of these inequalities, unfortunately, still exist to this day.

    Women have come a long way since 1920. And while there is still a ways to go, it’s our mission at Darling that women wouldn’t just see themselves as equals, but also individuals. That we wouldn’t just see barriers as obstacles to smash, but minds to engage, converse with and change for the better. Women of the 21st century should be free to express their femininity in a wide variety of forms, all with virtue, authenticity, beauty and love, pursuing justice at every opportunity along the way.

    We’re sharing how you can do that, too, in 0:50 seconds – HERE. Ready to join us?

    This Equality Day, let’s use our uniqueness to celebrate what we have in common.

    If you, too, embody the Darling Mission, share this video and help us spread the word for all women.

    Featuring Ingrid Nilsen, Estee Lalonde, Milena Mallory, Melissa Sonico, Megan Ferguson, Tess Mallory, Minka Kelly, Sasha Morfaw, Tracee Ellis Ross, Searcy Craighead and Gillian Zinser.

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    Gallery Link: x11 | Women’s Equality Day


    + Personal photos updated

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    As usual, the collection of personal pictures in the gallery is always updated and now more than 1000 images has been already added. Enjoy!

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    Gallery Links: x1322 | Personal


    + New personal videos added

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    I have added newest personal videos with Gillian and her adorable Coyote into media center, be sure to check them.

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    + Short film is coming!

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    Gillian Zinser has recently shooted a short film and it will be ready in 2016. So far we can have high quality behind-the-scenes pictures. Aren’t she looks amazing?


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    Gallery Link: x11 | Behind The Scenes


    + Exclusive: IFC Films Acquires Benedict Samuel and Krysten Ritter Romance ‘Asthma’

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    The film marks the directorial debut of Dustin Hoffman’s son, Jake, and follows a struggling asthmatic on a road trip with his crush.

    The film centers on Gus, who is suffocating in life both figuratively and literally because of his asthma attacks. Gus only sees hope in Ruby, a confident tattoo artist. The two take an impromptu trip out of the city in a stolen classic convertible, and Ruby warns him not to fall in love with her, but it’s easier said than done. “Asthma” stars Benedict Samuel and Krysten Ritter alongside Nick Nolte, Rosanna Arquette, Goran Visnjic, Dov Tiefenbach, Rene Ricard and Iggy Pop.

    “Asthma” is set to be released on October 23.


    + Iceland by Gillian Zinser

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    Actor and photographer Gillian Zinser lets us in on the best places to eat, sleep and just be in Iceland. The accompanying images are a dreamlike account of her days there, filled with pink light and cool blue water and shot on 35mm film.


    • The Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavik
    • Spúútnik + Nostalgia second hand shops in Reykjavik
    • Drive into Landmannalaugar for a day hike and hot springs
    • Take a sunset boat tour around Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon
    • Do a glacier hike in the Skaftafell National Park
    • Thingvellir National Park
    • Most Epic Waterfalls: Gullfoss, Dettifoss, Seljalandsfoss, Skógafoss + Dynjandi
    • Hike up the Hverfjall crater
    • Go to the Reynisfjara black sand beach with jagged basalt columns
    • Find the secret cairn cave on the Dyrhólaey peninsula beach
    • Relax at the Mývatn nature baths at night
    • Take a sunset boat ride around the Mývatn Lake
    • Walk around the Hverir geothermal fields
    • Explore the Lofthellir ice cave
    • Hiking trails at Ásbyrgi
    • Akureyri geothermal pool
    • Hofsós geothermal pool
    • Drive through the West Fjords


    • Kex Hostel // Reykjavik
    • Lónkot Bucolic Resort // Skagafjörður
    • Dimmuborgir Guesthouse cottages // Mývatn
    • ION Luxury Adventure Hotel // Selfoss
    • (Also just bring a tent and camp everywhere and anywhere)


    • Gló Organic Cafe // Reykjavik
    • Vogafjós Cowshed Cafe // Mývatn
    • Pakkhús // Höfn
    • Tjöruhúsið // Ísafjörður

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    Gallery Link: x17 | Iceland by Gillian Zinser


    + gillian-zinser.net is now GILLIANZINSER.NET

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    Make sure to update your links! Gillian Zinser Network has a new domain



    + Two Wrongs: Movie Captures

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    I’ve added into the gallery captures from TV movie “Two Wrongs” with Gillian Zinser. If you don’t wanna see what happens, till you see the movie, don’t look at them!

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    Gallery Link: x2620 | Two Wrongs: Movie Captures


    + Two Wrongs: Press Stills

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    I added new press stills with Gillian Zinser from TV movie “Two Wrongs”.

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    Gallery Link: x10 | Two Wrongs: Press Stills


    + New high quality photoshoot

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    Don’t forget to check out new photoshoot in high quality with Gillian Zinser. One of my absolute favourite pictures, she looks insanely good!


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    Gallery Link: x18 | Photoshoots: 035


    + 10 Reasons to Visit Nicaragua’s Little Corn Island

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    If you’re looking for a a tropical paradise untouched by tourism, Little Corn will steal your heart. Always on the hunt for a new off-the-beaten-path adventure as far away as possible from swarms of tourists, commercial resorts, vacation rentals, cruise ships and raging night life, I fell madly in love with this nirvana nestled in the Caribbean Sea about 45 miles off the eastern shore of Nicaragua, and it’s one of the most special unspoiled gems I’ve ever been to. A main reason the island remains so unaffected by tourism is because it’s such a hassle to get to after two flights and then an hour-long, old, rickety, wooden Panga boat ride through unpredictably rough waters. There are no cars, no roads, no one even wears shoes on the island. The only way to get around is by boat, horse, or your own two bare feet. White sand secluded beaches, warm turquoise waters, postcard-perfect corral reefs, nightly live local music, daily fresh caught lobster, funky little rustic beachside backpacker cabañas, only a handful of local mom and pop run restaurants, and 750 of the warmest, beautiful natives you could ever meet make this island a true Caribbean best-kept-secret and the perfect place to completely unplug. By Gillian Zinser

    Know before you go
    There is hardly any access to the internet on the island, which is part of its greatest charm. Tranquilo Café and Café Desideri, however, do have wifi during select hours. And while most places run off of generators, there is still no electricity between 6am and 3pm so charge all of your electronics at night and be prepared to wake up when the fans shut off!

    What to pack
    Corrective Control Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 30
    iS Clinical Cleansing Complex
    Aesop Protective Lip Balm SPF 30
    Klorane Dry Shampoo
    Tangle Teezer Compact Brush
    Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peels
    Olaplex Hair Perfector

    Where to stay
    Ensueños, Casa Iguana, Derek’s Place, Carlito’s Place, and Little Corn Beach & Bungalow.

    Where to relax
    Head to Karma Shack, a beautiful hidden gem in a garden behind Carlito’s Place that offers meditation, massage, and energy healing sessions.

    Where to eat: Breakfast
    Visit Casa Iguana for their legendary Coconut French Toast breakfast and best ocean views on the island.

    Where to eat: lunch on the beach
    Head to Sunset Shack Café on the beach for some fresh lobster ceviche and cold beer under the oldest almond tree on the island, then to Tranquilo Café Bar for their famous fish tacos and 2-for-1 cocktails.

    Where to eat: cheap and chic
    Try El Bosque for the best $4 lobster curry you’ve ever had.

    Where to recharge
    Check out Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa for the best yoga classes and amazing fresh juices/smoothies.

    Where to explore
    Spend a day climbing the treehouse, lounging in hammocks, and playing on the swings that hang from the palms over the beachfront in front of Ensueños.

    What to do after dark
    Set in the woods just behind Tranquilo Café, Happy Hut plays the best live reggae on the island. The local’s joke is that you’re happy that night and “hut” (hurt) the next day.

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    Gallery Link: x20 | Halfway – On Set [pictures]

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