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    + 90210 Season 4 DVD Extra Material

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    I have finally been able to add all the extra material from the Season 4 DVD box of 90210. It was the last season for Gillian/Ivy and she was featured in some videos – you can download them here.

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    Gallery Links:
    | DVD Extra: Deleted Scene “Blue Ivy”
    x379 | DVD Extra: Dressing Heads – Hair and Makeup of 90210
    x539 | DVD Extra: Season in Review – Freshman Year
    x223 | Gag Reel


    + Fall Preview: 90210 Boss on Season 5′s Exits

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    If you were hoping 90210 actors Gillian Zinser and Justin Deeley would be given lofty sendoffs at the start of the CW soap’s fifth season tonight (8/7c), prepare to be disappointed in 3, 2…

    “We will see Austin in the premiere, but there’s not a big farewell,” co-showrunner Patti Carr tells TVLine of one-half of the departing duo. “Just because a character moves on for a bit doesn’t mean we expect to never see them again. It’s not so much a goodbye to Austin as it is that he’s just not in ongoing episodes based on where the storylines launch in the premiere, the events of which really effect everybody’s lives as they move in different directions.”

    Meanwhile, Zinser doesn’t even appear in the opener, though Carr says she could potentially return at some point.

    ”Gillian had some other interests this season, and we wanted to make her available to pursue those,” Carr explains. “But we do have a deal for her to appear on the show, and we’re hoping that the character does come back at some point in the year.”


    + New style crush! Gillian Zinser

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    Were her!

    When we asked The Company Collective (not a member yet? Find us on Facebook!) who they wanted to see on the cover, one name came up several times. Well, here she is.

    We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Here at Company HQ, we don’t just randomly throw style ideas at you – that would be far too easy. We’d much rather get fashspiration from your street style and then give it that Company edge.
    That’s why we set up The Company Collective. It’s a closed group on Facebook where you can tell us what you’re wearing, how you’re wearing it and where you’re shopping for it. So when we asked who you style-stalk the most, one name popped into the timeline over and over.

    You may know 26-year-old Gillian Zinser as the all-Californian surfer ckick, Ivy, from E4’s 90210. You may know her from uber-cool Tumblr, Indelible Shadows (gillianzinser.tumblr.com) an edit of music, images and quotes. Or you might be one of her 63,200 (and rising) Twitter followers (@msGILLIANZINSER). But, probably, like us, you’ve simply style-spotted her laid0back LA look on countless blogs and indie fashion mags – and got instant beach hair envy.
    About time we met her then really, isn’t it? Over to The Company Collective girls…

    Gemma Kohnson: How do you get that sun-kissed glow?

    I’m actually quite pale and a big advocate of using sunscreen, so I’m not often tanned. I’m a big fan of Laura Mercier moisturiser with SPF. On set, they use bronzing make-up but in real life I just wear mascara, Chapstick and a spot of blush. I’m a Chapstick whore. I think less is more.”

    Elena Cristin: Do you love surfing like your 90210 characted? And what’s you beach beauty must-have?
    Yes. I love long-boarding in warm water and, as I’m mad about SPF, I also use it on my hair. My hair is really dry and brittle so I started using SPF to protect it from the salt water and sun. I love the look of ruined hair. It looks cool but I’m queen of split ends and SPF has definitely preserved the lenght and quality of my hair.

    Rachael Victoria Wynne: What’s your tip for a fail-safe hairdo on a bad hair day?
    I have a lot of bad hair days and when they come about I just throw it up in a top knot to get it out of my face.

    Molly caughlan: How would you describe your style?
    What’s important to me is always expressing yourself honestly. So when it comes to fashion, I think the less seriously you take it, or the less you think about it, the more unique your look is. A lot of people ask me how I describe my style and I never know how to answer that because fashion to me is simply a daily form of expression. I’m inspired by my moods. I think things tend to be more interesting when you’re not over-thinking them or trying to look one way or another.

    Georgina Fineman: How would you describe the LA look?
    That’s interesting because I would normally describe the classic LA style as quite awful! Maybe we’re talking about two parts of LA. The LA Hollywood is a hyper-conscious community, so there’s little unique expression as people to dress for trends rather than for themselves. Whereas the west coast has a bohemian beach look, which is more me – and I think that’s what a lot of Californians do so well. That laid-back look where you throw on your dirty, ratty t-shirt, denim shorts and biker boots. I guess like East London.

    Nathalie Ward: Whose style are you coveting for S/S12?
    No two people are alike so trying to mimic somebody else’s style never seems right to me. I’m sad to say that I don’t follow catwalk trends. I’m not as in-the-know as I’d like consider myself. I’m totally out of tune but I feel more comfortable there. The less I know about what’s going on, the more I feel I can do my own thing.

    Alys Penfold: Do you have any style icons?
    I’d have to say Anna Karenina, Patti Smith and Audrey Hepburn. Each of those women had such a unique way of expressing themselves in their own time.

    Kirsty Whittaker: How did your love for fashion begin and you make any fashion fails?
    Naturally! In hindsight, very little make sence. But, luckily, I’ve never been self-conscious enough on the moment to worry about what I looked like. I try not to look back but we all have pictures of those dumpy overalls and terrible flared jeans from middle school and it never guite translates. But I don’t really believe in fashion fails because it’s about growing up and expressing yourself.

    Elena Cristin: What are your favourite stores and why?
    I went back to New Your last weekend and I think my favourite kind of shopping is wandering around and finding a gem in the rough of a thrift store or vintage shop. The only contemporary store I walked into was Topshop and I just fell in love with it all over again. I’m really bummed that we don’t have one on the west coast yet because it’s a brilliant go-to for quick, simple, affordable pieces that you can layer with your one-off pieces. Little black dresses, oversized cardigans, t-shirts… I went a little stir-crazy in there!

    Rachael Victoria Wynne: How did you first get into acting?

    I started proffesional acting only a few years ago. I did it as a kid then I started teaching theatrical courses in a local community centre for under-privileged kids. I don’t think I feel in love with perfomance and acting until I saw it from an audience perspective. THose kids really came into themselves.

    Lucinda Bounsall: Your 90210 character is different from the other characters like Naomi and Adrianna. Do you see yourself as different to them, and the Hollywood set, in real life?
    We’re all incredibly different girls and that’s part of the pleasure of acting. You’re never going to be cast for something that you’re not right for because you’re always bringing a huge part of yourself to every role. But I agree that there is a ‘type’ in Hollywood and I don’t see myself in that bracket. I’m simply an actor who is in Los Angeles for work, and I keep my personal life quite separate to work. I live in a small bungalow by the beach and I think there’s something to be said for not having to run around town and be on show.

    Stephanie Louise Saxton: If you could date any of your co-stars who would it be and why?
    I am so madly in love with my own man that I don’t even know how to answer that! I’ve been with my guy Luke for a while now. But if I had to answer, I’d have to say Jessica Stroup.

    Alexa Baigent: You always know hot to wear casual pieces, but what would you wear for a night out?
    When I go out at night it’s usually for business so you’re there as some form of doll and have to dress up and have your hair and make-up done accordingly. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable because I’m still a tomboy, so when I have to throw on a dress and heels I try to clash it with something that holds on to a bit of me. No matter how high the stiletto or tight the dress I’m being told to wear, I add my own edge. Whether that’s a fancy floor-lenght dress with a cowboy hat, or a tight mini dress and biker boots, or even just red lips. It creates a balance between the appopriate attire and my own comfort zone.

    Anna Hussain: What’s the one item in your wardrobe you’ll keep forever?

    My grandfather’s bowler hat. I wear it all the time. Probably too much. It’s like my safety blanket.

    – Season 4 of 90210 is out on DVD in October. Gillian’s new movie Savages is out on 28 Sept


    + 90210 Exclusive: Gillian Zinser Not Returning as Series Regular For Season 5

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    Ivy is getting a demotion.

    TVLine has learned exclusively that Gillian Zinser will not be returning to 90210 as a series regular for the soap’s fifth season.

    The downgrade should come as little surprise considering Ivy was last seen running away to Mexico with her soon-to-be deported boyfriend, Diego, in the show’s season finale.

    A CW rep maintains that Zinser will return as a guest star, although it’s unclear for how many episodes.

    Zinser joined the just-renewed CW soap in early Season 2 as West Bev’s token hippie-chic surfer girl.

    Are you sad that there will be less Ivy on 90210?

    Gillian also have posted few words at her Twitter page:

    pardon my absence, friends! i’ve been traveling and trying to be IN the real world and OFF the computer as much as possible.

    yes, yes, the rumor’s true…i felt the time had come to shed ivy’s skin and change up the adventure! that girl has had a HEAVY past few seasons and i hope to god she’ll find the peace and laughter she so deserves down in mexico this summer. it’s been a fantastic journey shooting the show for you beautiful people – your love and support is overwhelming so THANK YOU. here’s to change, growth, and new chapters for all! lovelovelove xxxGilly


    + 90210: 4×24 Screencaps

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    I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from final episode 24 of “90210” season 4.

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    Gallery Link: x209 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Forever Hold Your Peace”


    + 90210: 4×23 Screencaps

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    I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 23 of “90210” season 4.

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    Gallery Link: x239 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “A Tale of Two Parties”


    + 90210: 4×22 Screencaps

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    I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 22 of “90210” season 4.

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    Gallery Link: x292 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Tis Pity”


    + 90210: 4×21 Screencaps

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    I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 21 of “90210” season 4. Media center were updated with new clips from “90210” as well.

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    Gallery Link: x219 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Bride and Prejudice”


    + 90210’s Gillian Zinser Becomes a Brunette!

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    90210 star Gillian Zinser has crossed over to the dark side.

    The naturally blonde actress, 26, showed off her new brunette hair color at An Evening for Cambodian Children’s Fund in Beverly Hills on April 17. Zinser — who’s sported pink hair streaks in the past — recently spoke to Us Weekly about what’s coming up next on The CW’s 90210 (airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST).

    “There are some huge changes towards the end of the season. Someone gets married, somebody passes away, there’s a ton of breakups and reconciliations and triangles,” Zinser teased. “My character in particular goes way off the deep end, which has been really interesting to play around with.”

    Off camera, things are much less dramatic.

    “There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes,” Zinser told Us. “In fact, we always joke that it would make a really great reality show to show the behind the scenes on 90210. What goes on in hair and makeup is far more entertaining that a lot of what’s out there!”

    So: do you like Gillian Zinser as a brunette?


    + 90210: 4×20 Screencaps

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    I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 20 of “90210” season 4. New episodes return on 24 April.

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    Gallery Link: x324 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Blue Ivy”


    + 90210: 4×19 Screencaps

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    I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 19 of “90210” season 4. Best episode of this season so far, still can’t describe how amazingly Gillian was breathtaking!

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    Gallery Link: x651 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “The Heart Will Go On”


    + On the set of “90210”

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    Gillian pictured while filming a scene for 90210 on March 20, 2012.


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    Gallery Link: x103 | 20 March 2012


    + 90210: 4×19 Stills

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    I added new high quality still with Gillian for episode 4×19 “The Heart Will Go On” of 90210.


    Gallery Link: x1 | Stills & Production Photos: 4×19 – “The Heart Will Go On”

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