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    + Art Of Elysium: portrait

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    I have added gorgeous portait with Gillian Zinser taken for Art Of Elysium.


    Gallery Link: x1 | Photoshoots: 028


    + Art Of Elysium video segment

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    Gillian Zinser, looking extremely beautiful and her adorable coyote were both starring into Art Of Elysium video. Check out HD captures in the gallery and also check the video here in our media archive.

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    Gallery Link: x69 | Art Of Elysium


    + Interview with Gillian Zinser

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    Actress, artist and devoted Somme Institute fan, Gillian Zinser, uses our Regimen for clear, glowing skin. We’re obsessed with her style (check out her recent feature on The Coveteur where she shares some of her vintage pieces and prized possessions like her hat collection) and her flawless beauty looks! Today she shares some of her best beauty tips and tricks with us.

    “I’m absolutely sworn over – the products are BRILLIANT – my skin’s clearer and smoother in texture than any time I can remember before.”

    What is your favorite Somme Institute product?

    GZ: I especially love the Transport pads! My skin is really pale and sensitive but constantly congested, so it’s hard for me to find a gentle yet effective enough exfoliant. This product is the perfect balance for me.

    What is your daily beauty routine in the AM/PM?

    GZ: I wash my face and follow with a vitamin C serum and sunscreen in the am and wash, exfoliate and moisturize at night. I also drink a few ounces of aloe vera juice daily which really helps to keep my skin clear, and try not to wear makeup if I’m not working.

    What are some of the best beauty tips and tricks you’ve learned?

    GZ: Don’t over pluck, never pick, sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen, and keep hydrated with lots of water throughout the day!

    We hear you love shopping in your mom’s closet. Any beauty tips that she has passed along to you as well?

    GZ: keep it simple – less is more!

    Any red carpet beauty looks that you’ve done?

    GZ: I honestly never feel comfortable in a ton of makeup, so i tend to stick to a fresh, bare face with bright lips when I’m feeling fancy!

    When do you feel the most beautiful?

    GZ: When I’m creating!

    You eat mostly whole, raw foods. What does a day of eating typically look like for you?

    GZ: I’m a huge believer that we can balance our bodies, minds and moods through a simple, natural diet so i eat mostly whole, organic foods, juice a ton, and when I can i cook most of my meals at home, ‘The Esalen cookbook’ and ‘Superfoods Cookbook’ are two of my favorite sources for recipes.

    Gallery Links: x1 | Photoshoots: 015


    + “Liars All” Movie Captures

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    I was able to add HD captures from Liars All movie with Gillian Zinser. If you don’t wanna see what happens, till you see the movie, don’t look at them!

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    Gallery Link: x1303 | Liars All: Movie Captures


    + Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates Surf Shack

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    Actors Gillian Zinser and Luke Grimes attend Tommy Hilfiger celebrates Surf Shack in Los Angeles at The Brig on June 21, 2013 in Venice, California.


    Gallery Link: x3 | Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates Surf Shack In Los Angeles – 21 June 2013


    + 90210 Season 4 DVD Extra Material

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    I have finally been able to add all the extra material from the Season 4 DVD box of 90210. It was the last season for Gillian/Ivy and she was featured in some videos – you can download them here.

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    Gallery Links:
    | DVD Extra: Deleted Scene “Blue Ivy”
    x379 | DVD Extra: Dressing Heads – Hair and Makeup of 90210
    x539 | DVD Extra: Season in Review – Freshman Year
    x223 | Gag Reel


    + New poster, trailer for LIARS ALL

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    The Brian Brightly-directed thriller, Liars All, has been acquired by Phase 4 Films and it is making its way into theaters (via a limited theatrical run) and onto VOD June 21st. DVD release set for August 6.

    Plot Summary: On New Year’s Eve in London, a group of friends play a provocative game that spins out of control and ends in murder. With a killer on the loose, survivors of this catastrophic evening will learn how far some will go to win a game.

    Sara Paxton stars with Matt Lanter and Gillian Zinser.

    Gallery Link: x1 | Liars All: Posters and Covers


    + New HQ portraits with Gillian!

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    I have added into gallery newest & unseen before portraits with beautiful Gillian Zinser in high quality. Check them out!


    Gallery Links: x1 | Photoshoots: 025
    x1 | Photoshoots: 026


    + Shop Starlet Gillian Zinser’s Vintage Treasures on Closet Rich

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    From convincing Catt Sadler to hand over a super-cute Stylestalker dress to inspiring Emily Schuman to let go of the DVF number she wore on her book cover, Closet Rich‘s Elizabeth Kott has a knack for collecting covetable closet cast-offs in the name of charity. Her latest target is Gillian Zinser of 90210 fame.

    In support of the Waves for Water Hurricane Sandy Relief initiative, the LA-based actress and style-setter has donated tons of her personal vintage fashion gems to CR, which are up on the site right now. Selects include a $200 Budweiser tee, a $150 intricately beaded belt and $70 hot pink embroidered shorts. 50% of the proceeds benefit the cause, so get your philanthropy on and shop up.

    · Closet Rich [Official Site]
    · Waves for Water [Official Site]


    + ELLE & The Coveteur HQ outtakes

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    I have added a bunch of high qiality outtakes with Gillian from her Coveteur & ELLE collaboration. Enjoy!


    Gallery Link: x6 | Photoshoots: 010


    + Gillian attends a private party

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    Gillian was pictured while she attended a private party on January, 12.


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    Gallery Link: x6 | 12 January 2013


    + Gillian and Luke visited Babel Guesthouse in Cambodia

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    Gillian and Luke were spotted visiting little Babel guesthouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia on January, 3.


    Gallery Link: x1 | 3 January 2013


    + Gillian Zinser for APJ

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    APJ added a really sweet video with Gillian Zinser from her past trip to Haiti, you can see the video here &captures into gallery.

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    Gallery Link: x110 | Gillian Zinser for APJ

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