Gillian was spotted in Ca on July 4, 2011.

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Gallery Link: x3 | 4 July 2011

The actress (and artist) reveals her extensive vintage collection and most prized works.


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Gallery Link: x16 | Miscellaneous: Home & Vintage collection

A Cannes promo trailer for the psychological thriller Liars All, from director Brian Brightly, hit the web recently, giving you a first look at stars Matt Lanter, Sara Paxton, Gillian Zinser and Torrance Coombs. Paxton will next be seen in Shark Night 3D and The Innkeepers.

Synopsis: It’s New Year’s Eve in London and a group of friends are playing a provocative game that spins out of control and ends in murder. Despite an immediate police investigation, the true killer remains elusive amidst conflicting testimony and hidden motives. A night of shared secrets and newfound intimacies takes unexpected turns, resulting in an explosive outcome that will change their lives forever. LIARS ALL is a haunting, psychosexual thriller about desire…and how far some will go to win.

We are finally able to watch trailer here and i also added in the gallery HD captures from it. Are you excited for this movie?

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Gallery Link: x112 | “Liars All” – Trailer Captures

I added in the gallery all HD screencaps from The Truth Below movie with Gillian Zinser. If you don’t wanna see what happens, till you see the movie, don’t look at them! You also can watch the full movie here.

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Gallery Link: x1683 | “The Truth Below” – Movie Captures

Gillian steps out in LA on June 16, 2011.


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Gallery Link: x10 | 16 June 2011

Gillian Zinser attends Tommy Hilfiger’s celebration of a new eyewear collection with Sight and Sound at The Jimmy at the James Hotel on June 14, 2011 in New York City.


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Gallery Link: x10 | Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates New Eyewear Collection – 14 June 2011

Brian Brightly (director of upcoming Liars All movie with Gillian) was posted new picture from the set of the movie on his twitter. He said to his team:

nostalgia. let’s make another movie…

The photo was taken on April 22, 2011.


Gallery Link: x1 | Miscellaneous: Personal

The californian blond girl still can catch. The 25 years old girl, born in Washington, hit with grace in the serie 90210, the new version of Beverly Hills. She just had to guest for few episodes, but her character of the blond surfist did incredibly become all of a sudden necessary. She’s going to be on cinemas with Manson Girls, the story of young girls following the madness of Charles Manson, like the MTV productions.

How did it start for you?
I gave some theater class to some disadvantage children in Washington, where I grew up. Many came from difficult quarters, it was difficult for them to express their emotions. Thanks to imagination, they opened, they fought their fears and learnt to communicate. It’s then I realized I wanted to do this for my life: give people the will to feel the things. And I fell in love with this art that can share the experiences and tell a story.

Who did discover you?
I was on a trip in Africa, an island on the coasts of Kenya, and I met a director of casting who convinced me to move to Los Angeles. And it’s there I live and work since then.

It was a lot of pressuring to become glamour?
Of course it was. But the glamour, depends on each one to define it. For me, my ideal of sensuality, is jogging trousers and high heels.

How do you define your style?
Voluntary, impulsive and conflicting. With a touch of magic…

You were quoted by many fashion blogs…
I guess this mean mostly that people react in a good way to my expression of fashion.

What would it be your dream?
Make a french movie

Scans from Be magazine April issue also available in the gallery.

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Gallery Link: x4 | Magazine Scans : BE #56 – 15 – 21 April 2011

I added in the gallery all HD screencaps from Ecstasy movie with Gillian Zinser. If you don’t wanna see what happens, till you see the movie, don’t look at them! You still also can order your DVD copy.

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Gallery Link: x1225 | “Ecstasy” – Movie Captures

Gillian Zinser attend the celebration of the new One For One TOMS eyewear product launch at the California Heritage Museum on June 7, 2011 in Santa Monica, California. Every pair of TOMS eyewear purchased will help give sight to a person in need.


Gallery Link: x2 | TOMS Celebrates The Launch Of New One For One Product – 7 June 2011

Question: My gut tells me we’ve seen the last of Ivy and Ray on 90210. What are you hearing? —Lauren
I’m hearing your gut isn’t very trustworthy. Not only is Gillian Zinser returning as a series regular next season, but her onscreen hubby, Manish Dayal, will be back as well, albeit on a recurring basis. He is dying after all.


Gallery Link: x9 | 90210 – Season Three: On the set

Red carpet correspondent Christian Siriano interviews the cast of ‘The Truth Below’ at the 2011 Movie Awards. You can also see captures from red carpet videos here and here.

Actress Gillian Zinser attends at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards at Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheatre on June 5, 2011 in Universal City, California.


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Gallery Link: x10 | 2011 MTV Movie Awards – 5 June 2011

Gillian and Jessica were pictured at The Box Club in London, UK on May 21, 2011.


Gallery Link: x17 | 21 May 2011

I added in the gallery scans from Elle Girl Japan magazine June 2011 issue. Gillian looks lovely!

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Gallery Link: x4 | Elle Girl Japan – June 2011

I added in the gallery HD captures from new trailer of Ecstasy movie with Gillian. You can watch the trailer here. I really can’t wait for this to see Gillian in different role on another movie. You also can order your DVD copy.

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Gallery Link: x38 | “Ecstasy” – Trailer Captures

I have finally been able to add all the extra material from the Season 2 DVD box of 90210. It was the first season for Gillian/Ivy and she was featured in some videos about surf team, beach club, etc and did some interviews. I also working on media section, where want post all videos with Gillian i have so far.

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Gallery Links:
| 90210 Season Two > DVD Extra: New Faces, Same Drama
x97 | 90210 Season Two > DVD Extra: Beverly Hills Surf Crew
x15 | 90210 Season Two > Welcome to the Beach Club

Artists for Peace and Justice teamed up with Chopard to hold an elegant benefit and live auction at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

The event was organized by APJ supporters Oscar Generale and Moran Atias, and co-hosted by APJ founder Paul Haggis, Advisory Board members Jane Fonda, Milla Jovovich and Ryan Kavanaugh, and the lovely Karolina Kurkova. Celebrity supporters Kenneth Cole, Patrick Dempsey, Angela Lindvall, Michelle Rodriguez and Gillian Zinser were also in attendance.

Paul acted as auctioneer, and co-hosts and supporters alike bid on items such as a trip to Haiti with APJ and Mark Evans’ iconic piece “RED – Furious Affection.” In total, the benefit raised almost $430,000 for Artists for Peace and Justice—100% of which will go directly to our programs in Haiti.


Gallery Link: x4 | Chopard Auction To The Benefit Of Haiti Organized by Paul Haggis – 18 May 2011

I’ve added more high quality stills with Gillian for episode 3×22 “To The Future!” of 90210.


Gallery Link: x11 | Stills & Production Photos: 3×22 – “To The Future!” before premiere of film The Truth Below, staring Gilian Zinser, Reid Ewing, Ricky Mabe and Nick Thurston posted new videos.

Hear the cast describe their on-screen characters, and get inside scoop on the complicated relationships depicted in the film. Gillian Zinser offers insight into her complicated character, Jenna. The cast and crew dish on the making of the film, and show off how they shot most of the movie from the inside of a car.

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Gallery Links:
| “The Truth Below” – Trailer Captures HD
x157 | “The Truth Below” – Behind The Scenes
x186 | “The Truth Below” – Cast Profile – Gillian Zinser

To expose the plight of the 1.4 billion people still living on $1.50 a day, some members of Young Hollywood live below poverty line –at least for a few days. It’s part of the Live Below the Line Campaign initiated by Hugh Jackman to help end extreme poverty. Some Young Hollywood stars embraced the challenge by pledging to live on $1.50 a day for 5 Days to encourage people everywhere to think about the daily reality faced by over a billion people on the planet.

Hit series “90210″ cast members, Jessica Stroup, Gillian Zinser, Matt Lanter, Trevor Donavan and Michael Steger have pledged their support for the campaign, and invite other Americans to go on an empathetic and educational journey that will cast light on how a quarter of the world lives. From May 16 – 20, thousands will be living on $1.50 a day for 5 days as part of the Live Below the Line initiative. The benchmark amount of $1.50 a day is the level defined by the World Bank as the “extreme poverty line” where basic resources such as food, shelter and medicine are often unsatisfactory.

Gillian Zinser and Matt Lanter, who are currently working on a film, decided to take the challenge together using social media platforms, like Twitter as well as Flip cameras to self-document and spread the word about their experience to their fans. The campaign has already received a huge response from eager, inspired fans now taking on the challenge themselves. They said doing live below the line made them think a lot about the limitations people in this situation have to face everyday.

Check out the short video montage of Gillian’s experience.

Anna Reeves, Campaign Manager, “We’ve had a huge response to the 90210 cast doing LBL. The sincerity of stars like Gillian and Matt about taking on the challenge is motivating all of us, it reminds people that we are all just human beings standing along side other human beings to help the most vulnerable people on our planet.”

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