You might know actress Gillian Zinser as 90210’s surf goddess Ivy, who—ever the SoCal poster child—is perpetually shown in cutoffs with her board in tow. So what does this Venice Beach transplant do when she isn’t playing a surfer girl on TV? She surfs. And that’s not the only similarity between the actress and her alter ego.

“I share a lot of Ivy’s free-spirited attitude, her joie de vivre,” says Zinser—and we saw plenty of evidence of that when we sat the actress down to talk about healthy living, perfect days on the water, and her trip to Haiti working with Artists for Peace and Justice.

Foam: We hear you’re really into surfing. What do you love most about being out on the water?
Gillian Zinser: The humbling effect of being alone in the ocean. I love the peaceful feeling of being away from everything and everyone.

F: What motivated you to learn how to surf, having grown up on the East Coast?
GZ: I was in search of adventure. I learned in Costa Rica when I was 17. Warm waters, empty beaches, balmy rains and Caribbean sunsets—it was pretty magical.

F: You’re obviously really thoughtful about the way you live and treat your body. Do you have any rules, when it comes to food?
GZ: I eat mostly raw, whole foods. I won’t touch anything with ingredients I can’t pronounce.

F: And apart from the physical stuff, what else do you do to stay healthy?
GZ: I laugh, appreciate everything I have, keep my priorities straight, and remember to slow down and enjoy the hell outta this life.

F: Why is relief in Haiti so important to you?
GZ: I believe it’s part of my responsibility to do what I can to better the lives of others—so whether that’s through inspiring someone to feel something by sharing the human experience through a story, or through building a school in a refugee camp in Haiti, that’s always my goal. And as an artist, I feel it’s part of my job to actively seek out and understand the human condition, so instead of just donating money to support Haiti’s relief efforts, I wanted to go down there to understand it myself. Haiti’s disaster is ongoing, and we have to help keep their story alive until real change has been made.

Scan from Foam magazine also available here.

Gillian spotted on the set of “90210” on January 20, 2011.

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Gallery Link: x4 | 20 January 2011

New photoshoot with Gillian in HQ, she looks gorgeous.


Gallery Link: x1 | Photoshoots: 007

Gillian pictured on the set of ‘90210’ on January 10, 2011.


Gallery Link: x11 | 10 January 2011

I added new high quality stills with Gillian for episode 3×12 “Liars” of 90210.

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Gallery Link: x7 | Stills & Production Photos: 3×12 – “Liars”

I recently had the opportunity to meet and work with the incredible Gillian Zinser from 90210. I had such a blast collaborating with her, she is so smart, funny, clever and stunningly beautiful. She came to the photo shoot with so many great ideas and brought her spirit to these images and gave them a modern, whimsical feel. I think Gillian is amazingly talented, I cannot wait to see where her career is headed!

Rachel Goodwin: Gillian is a free spirit with a real penchant for the avant garde. I loved that she wanted to experiment with neon colors and abstract shapes for our shoot. Gillian see’s make up as an opportunity to experiment with ideas versus just beautification and that’s always really challenging and fun for me as an artist. I played with geometric shapes and vivid shades on her, taking a more bare bones approach to the rest of the make up, focusing mostly on the bold shapes and color. I used professional make up palette by Kryolan to create the look which are essentially face-paints. They can be found online or at places like Namie’s or Nigel’s Beauty here in Los Angeles or Alcone in NY.

Gillian’s hair is AMAZING! I am sure her hair will do anything you want it to, but I loved the texture in her hair when she arrived in the studio so I just took a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and wrapped random sections of hair around it and then I used a small amount of Dove Frizz Control Taming Cream on her hair to give it some extra shine.

GZ: Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. You’ll miss them one day.

GZ: Grace. Confidence. Ryan Gosling. 

GZ: Chapstick. Horribly addicted. Currently on a 12-step program I found on the internet to ween myself off. Other than that, I’m pretty laissez-faire. Dermalogica and YON-KA on my skin, and Kerastase when I need to tame my wild mane.

10 Questions with Gillian Zinser

What beauty trick did you learn from your mom?
Less is more.

What drugstore product do you swear by?
Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick.

What products would we find in your teensiest red carpet clutch?
NARS The Mutliple Stick in Cadaques (this color is no longer available, but check out the other colors) and Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume Pen.

What products do you never travel without?
Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30, Jane Iredale Magic Mitt, La Mer The Eye Concentrate, Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer and Bulgari Pour Homme Parum.

What’s your biggest beauty splurge?
My Breville Fountain Juicer.

Who is your beauty icon from the past?

Who is your current beauty icon?
Patti Smith.

Which of your red carpet beauty looks was your favorite?
This year’s Teen Vogue Young Hollywood soiree. Fewer things make me happier than a sequined muumuu.

If you could trade hair with anyone, who would it be?
Jem from the ’90s cartoon Jem and the Holograms.

The one beauty trend you’ll never embrace?
Hair extensions.

…and the one beauty trend you’d like to bring back?
The hair scarf.

Article by Mark Townsend

We have album in the gallery with Gillian’s personal pictures – with fans and also from her Twitter account.

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I added few photoshoots with Gillian (American Vintage, G-L-O-R-I-A magazine, etc) and also you can check a few magazine scans.

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Gallery Link: x48 | Photoshoots

In the gallery was added a huge amount screen captures with Gillian from various videos – appearances, shoots, interviews, etc.

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Gallery Link: x3347 | Screen Captures

We added high-quality stills with Gillian from season 3 of 90210.

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Gallery Link: x27 | 90210 season 3: Stills & Production Photos

You can watch HD screen captures from season 3 of 90210 in our gallery.

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Gallery Link: x2999 | 90210 Screen Captures: Season 2

Gillian on the set of 90210 for season 3.


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Gallery Link: x179 | 90210 season 3: on set

We added high-quality stills and promo pictures with Gillian from season 2 of 90210.

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Gallery Links:
| 90210 season 2: Stills & Production Photos
x2 | 90210 season 2: Promos

You can watch HD screen captures from season 2 of 90210 in our gallery.

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Gallery Link: x3022 | 90210 Screen Captures: Season 2

Gillian on the set of 90210 for season 2.


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Gallery Link: x110 | 90210 season 2: on set

Before 90210, Gillian appeared in few tv-shows, such as Southland, Cupid, Cold Case and The City. You can watch screen captures from them into the gallery.

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Gallery Link: x219 | Television: Screen Captures

I added in the gallery few candids with Gillian from 2008-2010.


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Gallery Link: x69 | Candids: 2008-2010

I’ve added a bunch of pictures to event from 2008-2010. Enjoy!

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Gallery Link: x450 | Public Appearances: 2008-2010

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