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Welcome to Gillian Zinser Network – NOW AT GILLIANZINSER.NET | Your first & most exclusive source about 90210 actress Gillian Zinser / celebrating 14 years online, your best source for the American actress, Gillian Zinser. Here, you can find all the latest news about Gillian, photos of her, videos, interviews, everything about her current projects, and many other things. If you have some questions/suggestions, feel free to contact us. Hope you have a great time and will return again.

Love, Gillian Zinser Network.
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Site Updates
GZN celebrating 14 years online!

Hello guys!
In upcoming February, Gillian Zinser Network celebrating 14 years online! Woah what a journey and thank you all so much for visiting

Site Updates
GZN celebrating 13 years online!

Hello guys!
This month, Gillian Zinser Network celebrating 13 years online! Woah what a journey and thank you all for visiting

New layout Site Updates
New design


Gillian Zinser Network are back online with in brand new design made by amazingly talented Estrella Design. I hope you guys like it as much as I do and enjoy your stay!

Site Updates
My ‘Psychogenic Fugue’ Autographed Book

I have a story to tell. This summer, Gillian released her own book – a photo diary named PSYCHOGENIC FUGUE. As her long-time fan, I wanted to buy it as soon as it’s possible. By mentioning ‘long-time’ it’s really been a journey – I run this fan-site all alone since 2011!! Can you imagine? Yes, I wanted a book so bad. But what’s better than just a book? Right, folks! An autographed copy. Sadly, I’m not familiar with anyone from NY or LA and where am I located? Russia. So I decided to write Gillian and ask her for autograph. I wrote a letter and she kindly said yes!! She said yes it’s possible!!!! Even while all proceeds from the sale of the books went to charity.. she was wonderfully polite and in a few weeks I walked to the mail post completely overwhelmed. BOOM I open up the cover and see handwritten autograph, the book (photos up there are extremelly nice) and the typographic letter. Words can’t express how happy I felt. Dreams do come true!

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x4 | My ‘Psychogenic Fugue’ Autographed Book

New layout Site Updates
New theme – Gillian Zinser Network

It’s been a while since we had a new layout, so I’m very delighted to announce what Gillian Zinser Network finally has a new theme – thanks to the loveliest person and an amazing designer: Prisc. I hope you guys will like it as much, as I do! Recently, site GZN has celebrated 5 years online and changes are just in time due to celebrations!

Site Updates
GZN celebrating 5 years online!


Gillian Zinser Network has officially reached 5 years online! WOAH!! What a journey!

I have to mention what I never before owned a fan-site for such a long period of time. My goal has been always the same: to bring you the most recent news, updates, photos, videos.. well basically everything about Gillian Zinser, who’s more than an talented actress, but a great role model, an artist, photographer, fashionista. I want to thank all of you – who keep visiting my fan-site and appreciates my work – it means so much.

My special thanks goes to the incredible person who I admire through all these years [since the day when 90210 show has aired episode seven of second season]:


I do remember every single reply from Gillian to my messages in Twitter, Tumblr and via e’mail. The fact what she has found some time and kindly replied is mind-blowing. In early January, Gillian has followed me on Twitter, so the beginning of the year for me has been truly fantastically-fabulous!


I love all of you guys, who keep visiting my fan-site even through I have lost my old (1st) domain name – all of you keep me going (apart of my never-ending admiration and inspiration towards Gilly)!

Site Updates is now GILLIANZINSER.NET

Make sure to update your links! Gillian Zinser Network has a new domain


Gillicious Icon Archive Site Updates
New icons and layout at Gillicious!


Recently or to be more specific – February 1, Gillian Zinser Network have celebrated three years online!

Although lately we have not a large amount of updates, i’m still working hardly and trying to add every single material and follow all news about Gillian. So, a little surprise – new layout into Icon Archive section called Gillicious, hope you like it!

And also added really beautiful animated icons, done by Koralina, thank you so so much for your efforts <3 If you have any to donate please contact me and credit will be given!

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50 icons by Koralina

Site Updates Video Archive Videos
Video Archive is finally open!

I would love to introduce you an biggest ever video archive with tons Gillian Zinser (350 actually) clips online! All the videos are zipped and many of them, i’m sure, unseen before – like 90210 DVD features, interviews, behind the scenes material & much more. Also the new MTV on Top report from the season 4 on set with little sneek peek of upcoming episodes. All videos zipped and ready for your download, so enjoy. The not least important is the beautiful layout thanks to Daria.

Please welcome to the new site option and do not forgot to check, cause more clips is coming soon.


New layout Site Updates
New layout – Gillian Zinser Network

Welcome to the new version of Gillian Zinser Network! This theme was created by such an amazingly talanted Eduardo in celebration of GZN 1 year online last month. I have modernized all the posts to make it more enjoyable and comfortably & really really hope that you like this new layout as much, as i do! Leave the comments below

Site Updates
Gillian Zinser Network celebrating 1 year online!


I am so proud and happy to say, that today on February 1, Gillian Zinser Network celebrating 1 year online! I remember how excited i was to launch the first ever web resource about amazing Gillian, how long i’ve been worked to up all things done. But now, i’m truly thankful for everything. It’s been an amazing year!

I want to thank Gillian for being such unique and beautiful inside & out: she is are one inspiration. I can’t even describe how joying i am, while see her new photos during events, etc. For now i watch 90210 only because of her, but always really happy when i see her anywhere, she is gorgeous.

Thanks so much to my host Fan Sites Network for providing me all the help and chance to have this website.

And, of course, deeply and huge thanks to all visitors: you make me happy in the best way either! Seeing how all my hard work is need – is the best feeling i ever had by run a fansite. Let’s hope for many more amazing years of this source and many many more news & project with Gillian to come. I have also really many surprises, so stay tuned!

Happy First Anniversary to Gillian Zinser Network. One day i hope Gillian will be proud by all of this support and love

UPD: Gillian made my day by sending this via Twitter:

thank you <3

Gillicious Icon Archive Site Updates
Gillicious icon archive is open!


Happy New Year everybody! At the first day of new year, we have an Icon Archive section called Gillicious to open. The layout was done by my friend at, hope you like it!

And also added first wonderful icons, done by Mabel, thank you <3 If you have any to donate please contact me and credit will be given!

null null null null

20 icons by Mabel

Site Updates
New gallery theme

We have a new gallery theme done by wonderful Xella. Hope you like it as much, as i do and we have in the gallery already more than 20.000 pictures, isn’t this cool?

Site Updates

I’m going to vacations until September, 10. All updates would be after that day, sorry. Have a nice time guys and i think we all really excited for new season premiere of ‘90210’!

Site Updates
New layout at Twitter

We got a new design for our twitter page done by amazing NBDesigns. Hope you like it and do not forget to follow us – @gzinserfan

Site Updates
Gillian knows about this fansite!

We was really flattered when have seen Gillian’s reaction on our tweet, where i talking about the site opening, cause nothing better than to know, what the person who you admit and adore find out about this fan site! Thank you Gillian, we love you!

Site Updates
New gallery layout

We got a new layout for our gallery done by talanted K-Designs. Hope you like it!

Site Updates

With a great pleasure i’m glad to inform that the first fansite about actress Gillian Zinser is finally open! Firstly I want to say thank you to K-Designs for such gorgeous layout. I hope you like it as much, as I do. For a while I should finish some sections, but we already have a photogallery, where has more than 10000 pictures. So please welcome, enjoy your stay and feel free to leave comments.

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Who is Gillian
Gillian Amalia Zinser is an American actress, known for her appearances as Ivy Sullivan in 90210. She attended New York University in New York City, NY. Prior to 90210, she appeared in Southland, Cold Case and Cupid. She played a recurring role in 90210 during the second season from 2009 to 2010, as a young Californian surfer named Ivy Sullivan. In February 2010, she was signed as a regular cast member for the third season of the show. In 2011 Zinser starred in her first feature, The Truth Below for MTV, and in Liars All with Matt Lanter. She grew up in Washington, D.C. and now resides in Venice, California.
Current Projects
Smile (2022)
Gillian as Holly
Director: Parker Finn
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Holy New York (2018)
Gillian as Rose
Director: Sonya Goddy
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Whoever You Are, (2017)
Gillian as Woman
Director: Gillian Zinser
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Band Aid (2017)
Gillian as Sheena
Director: Zoe Lister-Jones
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Halfway (2017)
Gillian as Eliza
Director: Ben Caird
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

End of Babes (2015)
Gillian as Elly
Director: Jimmy Marble
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Two Wrongs (2015)
Gillian as Sarah Harris
Director: Tristan Dubois
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Always Worthy (2015)
Gillian as Mara
Director: Marianna Palka
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Asthma (2014)
Gillian as Kara
Director: Jake Hoffman
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official
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