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90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 4×14 Screencaps

I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 14 of “90210” season 4.

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Gallery Link: x272 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Mama Can You Hear Me?”

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 4×13 Screencaps

I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 13 of “90210” season 4.

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Gallery Link: x279 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?”

Gallery Updates Public Appearances
Forevermark & InStyle Beauty & Brilliance Celebration

Actress Gillian Zinser attends the Forevermark And InStyle’s “A Promise Of Beauty And Brilliance” Golden Globe Awards Event at Beverly Hills Hotel on January 10, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.


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Gallery Link: x30 | Forevermark Diamonds and In Style Magazine Party – 10 January 2012

90210 Gallery Updates On the set
On the set of “90210”

Gillian films a scene on the “90210” set in LA on February 6, 2012.


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Gallery Link: x36 | 6 January 2012

Candids Gallery Updates
Gillian and Luke out in Ca

Gillian and Luke pictured while out and about in Ca on January 5, 2012.


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Gallery Link: x7 | 5 January 2012

Gallery Updates Interviews Magazine Scans Photoshoots
Gillian Zinser for Genlux Magazine – Winter 2011

Gillian Zinser featured in Genlux magazine winter 2011 issue. I have added in the gallery magazine scan and high quality picture of photoshoot. Huge thanks to Melanie Doutey Web for heads up!


Some girls have all the luck. Take Gillian Zinser: equal parts talent, charm, quirkiness and smarts. The beautiful, young, and successful actor, who recently graduated from NYU, has places in both New York and Los Angeles. Gillian plays Ivy, a carefree, Bohemian-spirited California girl on television’s 90210. Here, she gives us a few morsels that define her personal fashion style.

How would you describe your personal style?
Cowgirl meets Pirate.
What’s your favorite item in your closet?
My grandfather’s vintage bowler hat.
What’s always in your purse?
A plethora of Chapsticks, a good book, Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses, and my Polaroid camera.
What’s your weekend look?
Jeans, an old t-shirt, and red lipstick.
If you could wear only one designer from head to toe, who would it be?
I don’t know if I could choose just one – I’m too addicted to clash! I’d say Chloe, Acne, The Row, Kimberly Ovitz or Alexand Wang.
What’s your favorite low-price secret weapon store?
What are your earliest fashion memories?
My addiction to overalls, Doc Martens, and the “Jem and the Lolograms” cartoon in the early 90s.
What do you sleep in?
An ex-boyfriend’s old, ratty band shirt
What kind of watch do you wear?
I don’t own a watch. Time scares me.
Who are your favorite fashion photographers?
Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.
What’s your favorite scent?
My boyfriend’s Old Spice deodorant… but I wear Chloe.
What’s your dream vacation destination?
I think I just got back from it! I spent the last week in Hanalei Bay up on the north shore of Kauai, and I’m just mad for it. It’s the most simple, rejuvenating, beautiful lifestyle I’ve experienced thus far. I’d like to build a tree house there someday.
What are your go-to boutiques?
I love The Reformation and Opening Ceremony when I’m feeling fancy, but usually I just live at flea markets.

Gallery Links:
| Genlux Magazine – Winter 2011
x1 | Photoshoots: 017

Manson Girls Movies News
Bid Away Now For A Special Walk-On Role In Susanna Lo’s ‘Manson Girls’

Production has already kicked off over in Los Angeles on Susanna Lo’s ‘Manson Girls’ and now even the public can get involved in this great project based on the notorious Manson family and more importantly murderer and conspirator Charles Manson. Manson will be played by actor Bill Moseley (‘The Devil’s Rejects’) and he’ll be joined by a slew of lovelies to appear as the ‘Manson Girls’. But hold the phone, because with a simple and generous eBay bid you could find yourself with your very own walk-on role in the movie! That’s right, Slomotion Studios are offering a lucky and successful bidder the opportunity to win a walk-on role, autographs from the cast and tickets for the Helter Skelter official tour in LA. So head over to eBay at the link below (where the bid is currently at US $1,525.00) and see if you can get yourself on set. It has to be worth it just for the potential opportunity of brushing shoulders with a range of hotties that include Monica Keena (‘Night of the Demons’), Laura Harring (‘One Missed Call’), Heather Matarazzo (‘Scream 3’), Stella Maeve (‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2’), Brit Morgan (‘True Blood’), Tania Raymonde (‘Lost’), Gillian Zinser (‘90210’), Taryn Manning -below (‘Hawaii Five-0’) and Estella Warren (‘Planet of the Apes’).

Do your best bidding over at the ‘Manson Girls’ eBay listing here.

‘Manson Girls’ follows a young girl from a wealthy Malibu family who fell under Manson’s spell. She was not one the “Family” members involved in the clan’s infamous murder spree but was later imprisoned after she became involved with the Aryan Brotherhood and was convicted of being an accessory (after the fact) to murder.

90210 Charity Work Interviews Manson Girls Movies News Photoshoots Savages
Find me at Beverly Hills, 90210

GILLIAN ZINSER, actress/artist/philanthropist and 90210 cast member tells i-D about the hills.

Chatting with Gillian Zinser, actress/artist/philanthropist and 90210 cast member, we were pleased to discover the exhaustingly talented 26- year-old is every bit as awesome as we had imagined.

Articulate, warm, switched on and straight-forward, the precocious performer is graduating from West Beverly Hills High to the big screen this year with high-profile parts in upcoming features Manson Girls and Oliver Stone’s Savages. A former student of NYU, Gillian continues to explore her studies off campus, which include the inter-disciplines of art, film and philanthropy. Creating self-reflexive portraits and volunteering with projects such as ‘Artists For Peace and Justice’ in Haiti, Gillian has built up a well-balanced CV and loyal following. Returning to UK screens this week as surfing tomboy Ivy Sullivan in Season 4 of 90210, Gillian Zinser speaks to i-D online about the revamped TV teen classic and her own adolescence, talks performance art and shares her top 10 artistic influences.

What was the all-American high school experience like for you? I had an odd experience in high school – remember that movie Mean Girls? Tina Fey adapted that from a book about my school written by someone that went to it… I wasn’t exactly the most popular and I didn’t have the best experience. I was itching to get out.

Did you watch 90210 back in the day? Yeah, of course. I wasn’t allowed to though – I used to sneak off to watch it.

Are you a Kelly or a Brenda? I can’t really tap into my bad girl very easily, I’m going to leave the Brendas to the AnnaLynne McCords of this world. Ivy’s not like Kelly either, she’s more of an Emily Valentine, that’s the direction I would have liked to take her in but they took me on a really different path.

What attracted you to the part of Ivy? She’s not your typical teen drama character. I think just that. I’m not one to watch soaps and, as I explained, my high school experience was very trying and tumultuous and often not a fun one. I guess, in short, I was attracted to Ivy as a character because she was more of a black sheep than anything else and even though she’s your average teenage girl who is riddled with insecurities, she’s found a way to be comfortable enough in her own skin not to conform. That’s a really fun and important thing to bring to television and our audiences in particular because we’re speaking to a large group of teenagers who for the most part are going through such a formative period of development.

What’s working with Tristan Wilds like? Had you seen The Wire before joining the cast? Tristan is the classiest cat around. He’s an extraordinary artist whose talents are far underutilised on the show.

Can you tell me more about your childhood growing up? I grew up in Washington, which I shy away from talking about because I feel so detached from the city because it was so devoid of artistic culture and I grew up in a family of artists. My father’s an architect and my mother’s a painter – we didn’t come from a family of politicians, and I often found that I couldn’t really relate to or associate with the city I grew up in. My Dad’s from New York and my Mom’s from Berlin so I spent a lot of time in between the city (NY) and DC, taking the $10 Chinese Fung Wah bus up every weekend just to hang out with people and seek out forms of inspiration that I could actually understand. The minute I could leave DC I did – I moved to New York for college and never looked back.

Did you study art or acting at New York? My parents didn’t allow me to go to Tisch so I went to Gallatin, which is a tiny school within NYU. They let you choose your own major so I decided to study the relationship between fine art, the entertainment industry and philanthropy and see where we can build bridges between them.

How did that lead into acting? All my life I’ve just wanted to be a storyteller, to share my take on the human experience and explore the consequences of what we do and why. I’ve been infatuated with the potency of film as a platform to tell stories and I guess at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking through a script or the camera, I feel like I’m just here to share my perspective on things.

Are you still making art? Yeah, I’m always itching to make and create something. We have a million moments in between takes and scenes at work so I always have a pencil, a notebook or a camera on me – I’m addicted to the process of creation.

Have you ever done any performance art? I thought that might be a good medium for you… combining the two. A lot of people ask me that but no, I haven’t really had the desire to do that. For the moment I’m sticking to portraiture. I’m inspired by artists like Cindy Sherman… I’m on a show that takes up most of my year and I don’t get to play a lot of characters that I’d love to. Using my downtime to dress up for two seconds of a snap shot to play a character lets me sneak into the skin of someone I would one day like to be able to play but don’t have a chance to. So I guess that is a form of performance art.

What was the last exhibition you went to? I just got back from New York where I saw the Tim Burton exhibit. And did you go to the Tracey Emin show in London? At the White Cube Gallery? She’s so dirty, I love her!

Gillian’s Top 10 Artistic Influences

1. I’m currently obsessed with Marcel Dzama – he’s a Canadian contemporary artist.
2. Kati Heck is an artist I found in Berlin while I was travelling over there and I’ve been infatuated with her work ever since.
3. Goran Djurović – he’s a Serbian artist who I just discovered out at this gallery Obsolete, here in Los Angeles.
4. Mark Whelan is a good buddy of mine I met in Australia and he does something that looks like dipping dots mixed with S&M!
5. There’s a filmmaker, a guy named Cam Archer who just blows my mind… he made a film over here called Shit Year with Ellen Barkin and Luke Grimes and that’s definitely my favourite film of the year.
6. Also have you heard of a guy called Robbie Basho? He’s like one of THE uncelebrated 60s acoustic guitarists.
7. Also, a guy named Moondog – you have to look him up, he’s phenomenal. He dresses up like a Viking!
8. Then a band called Wiseblood who just put out their first EP this year.
9. My friend Malcolm Ford, he’ll be releasing a record later this year produced by Queens of the Stone Age.
10. Lastly a writer, a Kenyan author whose first novel/memoir is called ‘One Day I Will Write About This Place’. His name is Binyavanga Wainaina – he writes about the kind of Africa that’s long been forgotten. It provides a better perspective than that of the Western world, looking in on what we imagine Africa to be.

Text: Frankie Mathieson

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 4×13 Stills

I added new high quality still with Gillian for episode 4×13 “Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?” of 90210. Tune for premiere on January, 17.


Gallery Link: x1 | Stills & Production Photos: 4×13 – “Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?”

Gallery Updates Magazine Scans
Gillian Zinser in Zooey Magazine

I have uploaded scans from Zooey Magazine December/January 2012 issue, Gillian looks radiant! Stay tuned.

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Gallery Link: x9 | Zooey Magazine – December/January 2012

Charity Work News Public Appearances
Upcoming event: Haiti fundraiser in LA

Please Join:
Olivia Wilde, Brandon Boyd, Gillian Zinser, Dawn Olivieri, Eva Amurri Martino + Kyle Martino, Will McCormack, Jason Pomeranc, Roxana Saidi, Ashlee Margolis, Baelyn Neff, Nico Mizrahi, Kathryn Everett, Bryn Mooser, Irene Neuwirth, Moj Mahdara, Laurie Mulstay

for cocktails in support of ARTISTS for PEACE and JUSTICE

Thursday, January 5th
7:00-9:00 P.M.
Tickets: $75

Caulfield’s at the Thompson Hotel
9360 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

More event detalis:

Gillicious Icon Archive Site Updates
Gillicious icon archive is open!


Happy New Year everybody! At the first day of new year, we have an Icon Archive section called Gillicious to open. The layout was done by my friend at, hope you like it!

And also added first wonderful icons, done by Mabel, thank you <3 If you have any to donate please contact me and credit will be given!

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20 icons by Mabel

Gallery Updates Photoshoots
Gillian Zinser Creates ‘Bohemian Acid’


East coast native, Gillian Zinser, has had to indulge in all things California since her first appearance as “90210’s” Ivy Sullivan in 2009. Since then, Gillian has not only become a regular cast member, but also an envied fashion emblem. Zooey Magazine was lucky enough to feature this actress who transcends her style from the street to the catwalk, always producing unique and flawless outfits.

To read more of Gillian’s story, purchase the January 2012 issue of Zooey!

Gallery Link: x2 | Photoshoots: 016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


I would like to wish all our lovely GZN visitors a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy your super funny holidays with close friends and family! Blessed celebrations & much happines and love all around the world. Cheers!

Also take your time to visit us again and follow our site networks: Twitter & Tumblr.

This site has only been up since February this year, and I can say that i really proud of what has been accomplished. I really hope for another great year, tons of Gillian’s project will come out and hope we can enjoys them together. So stay tuned for more news about Gillian in 2012.

Gallery Updates Public Appearances
FLAUNT Issue Dinner with Kate Beckinsale

Gillian Zinser attends the DeLeon Tequila Tidal Issue Dinner with Kate Beckinsale and FLAUNT at SLS Hotel on December 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.


Gallery Link: x3 | Flaunt Issue Dinner With Kate Beckinsale – 13 December 2011

90210 Gallery Updates On the set
Gillian shoot a scene for 90210

Gillian shoot a scene for 90210 on December 12, 2011.


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Gallery Link: x11 | 12 December 2011

Charity Work Gallery Updates News
The CW launches “Causes to Care About”

The CW has launched Causes to Care About, an online destination where viewers can learn more about the charities embraced by the stars of their favorite CW shows, and donate to their favorite causes this holiday season.

Fans can go to to find videos from stars of many of The CW’s primetime shows, in which each actor talks about why their chosen charity is one close to their heart. The site will also link to each actor’s chosen charity, so fans can easily donate directly to them.

Some of the participating actors include:

Gillian Zinser (90210) for Artists for Peace & Justice, and Waves for Water

Waves for Water is a non-profit organization founded by Jon Rose and supported by Hurley International. Waves for Water works on the front-line to provide clean water to communities in need around the world. We work with world leaders and strategic partners who take a no-nonsense attitude toward making global change.

Artists for Peace and Justice, established in early 2009, is a fundraising effort founded by Paul Haggis and friends that encourages peace and social justice and addresses issues of poverty and enfranchisement in communities around the world. The organization’s immediate goal is to build schools to serve the poorest areas of Haiti, providing an education, hot meals, clean drinking water and regular medical treatments to the children living in the slums.

Gallery Updates Public Appearances
HFPA and InStyle celebrate ‘A Night of Firsts’

Actress Gillian Zinser attends The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle Celebrate ‘A Night of Firsts’ and The New Miss Golden Globe 2012 at Cecconi’s Restaurant on December 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.


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Gallery Link: x29 | HFPA and InStyle celebrate ‘A Night of Firsts’ in West Hollywood – 7 December 2011

Gallery Updates Public Appearances
NYLON And Express Celebration

Actress Gillian Zinser attends NYLON and Express’ Celebration of the December/January Issue at The Writer’s Room on December 7, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.


null null null null null null

Gallery Link: x14 | NYLON And Express Celebrate The December/January Issue – 7 December 2011

Gallery Updates Photoshoots
Flashback: MARKTbeauty B- Roll 2010

I added in the gallery captures from exclusive b-roll which Gillian did during her MARKTbeauty shoot. She looks awesome! Video will be added in the media section (opening soon), so stay in touch.

null null null null null null

Gallery Link: x67 | Screen Captures: MARKTbeauty B- Roll 2010

Gallery Updates Photoshoots
New photoshoot

Check out new awesome photoshoot with lovely Gillian. I hope one day we got more outtakes, cause this is brilliant!


null null null null null null

Gallery Link: x8 | Photoshoots: 015

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