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Gallery Updates Movies On the set Savages
On the set of “Savages”

Gillian pictured while filming a scene for movie “Savages” on September 14, 2011.


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Gallery Link: x10 | 14 September 2011

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 4×01 Screencaps

I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 1 of “90210” season 4. Have you enjoy this episode?

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Gallery Link: x404 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Up In Smoke”

90210 Interviews News
A Brief 90210 Season 4 Chat With Gillian Zinser (Ivy)

At Saturday’s CW Premiere Party, we briefly caught up with actress Gillian Zinser to get the 411 on Season 4 of 90210, which begins at 8PM tonight on The CW.

We also asked her about what’s coming up between her and Raj (Manish Dayal) in the coming season.

“In short, everyone’s transitioning from high school to college. This season is concentrated on that formative period of growth and development from the community that you come from into your own personal understanding of self. While everyone else is exploring themselves through the stereotypical partying that goes on at college, Ivy finds herself having to deal with Raj’s cancer, and then being married, and then finding the balance between being caretaker and also living her life for herself, enjoying herself and having fun,” she says.

But for the scoop we really want to know the answer to – will Ivy actually smile this year?

“I —-in’ hope so!” she says enthusiastically.

Season 4 of 90210 premieres tonight, September 13, at 8PM on The CW. Take a look at some images from the episode!

90210 Interviews News
90210 Season 4 Preview: Naomi’s Baby Drama, ‘Interesting Twist’ for Ivy/Raj, and Teddy’s Exit

The CW’s 90210 kicks off its fourth season this Tuesday at 8/7c, and while a lot has changed (showrunners, cast members, college), new executive producer Patti Carr (Life Unexpected) tells TVLine that fans need not fret — it’s still the same emotionally-heightened coming-of-age sudser you know and love.

TVLINE | Welcome to 90210! Is this season going to be an example of new showrunners, new show?
Not at all. It was an exciting challenge to come in and decide how we were going to take these kids from childhood to adulthood. The kids will start to define themselves and confront who they are.

TVLINE | Season 3 ended on an ambiguous note as to who was actually going to college. That said, how will everyone still interact if they are all in separate locations?
We’re using college the way that kids want college to be — it’s all about the parties and the social life, things that everyone can be involved in whether they’re at the college or not. Our approach was really to take all of the characters who had plans for their lives and screw it all up and make them go through a whole lot of stuff to realize that their friends are their new family. Everybody is back in the premiere episode and you’ll see where they’ve been over the summer, what they thought their lives were going to be, and then how everything changed for them. And we take it from there.

TVLINE | Where do things stand with newlyweds Ivy & Raj when the show picks up?
Ivy and Raj (Gillian Zinser and Manish Dayal) are back [in town] and we’re going to follow the progression of his cancer, as well as their marriage. It’s interesting because they took that step into marriage and really thrust themselves into their adult lives, more so than everyone else.

TVLINE | That was a beautiful little arc in Season 3. Do you plan to maintain his “three years to live” cancer prognosis?
There are actually not only different obstacles for Raj and Ivy, but a really interesting twist on their story regarding what happens with Raj’s cancer. We fell in love with it and when we pitched it to the studio, there were audible gasps.

TVLINE | A remission story, perhaps?
There may be some elements of that. [Laughs]

90210 Gallery Updates Videos
90210 – Series Featurette promo

The cast from 90210 reveal some juicy secrets about their characters’ futures, the video is right here. Don’t miss 90210 season premiere Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 8/7c on The CW.

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Gallery Link: x57 | Screencaps: Misc & Promos: 90210 – Series Featurette

Gallery Updates Public Appearances
More from JEROME/FREEWAY Party

I got some more exclusive pictures with Gillian from JEROME/FREEWAY Party at Soho House in West Hollywood on April 11, 2011. They are really cute!


Gallery Link: x7 | JEROME/FREEWAY Party at Soho House West Hollywood – 11 April 2011

Gallery Updates Photoshoots
New FOAM outtake

I found new outtake with Gillian from her FOAM magazine shoot, she looks amazing!


Gallery Link: x1 | Photoshoots: 008

Gallery Updates Public Appearances
The CW Premiere Party

Actress Gillian Zinser attends The CW premiere party at Warner Bros. Studios on September 10, 2011 in Burbank, California.


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Gallery Link: x83 | Bing Presents: The CW Premiere Party – 10 September 2011

Upcoming photoshoot for Zooey Magazine

Fashion stylish Steph Ashmore tells on his twitter:

Just styled Gillian Zinser for Zooey Magazine: Bohemian on acid. With velvet.

Are you guys excited?

Candids Gallery Updates
Gillian out in LA

Gillian pictured in Venice, California on September 5, 2011.

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Gallery Link: x8 | 5 September 2011

90210 Gallery Updates On the set
On the set of ‘90210’

Gillian spotted on set of ‘90210’ in CA on August 20, 2011.


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Gallery Link: x4 | 30 August 2011

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 4×01 stills

2 days left until season 4 premiere of 90210! We so can’t wait for new episodes and have added new high quality stills with Gillian for episode 4×01 “Up In Smoke”.

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Gallery Link: x6 | Stills & Production Photos: 4×01 – “Up In Smoke”

Gallery Updates Photoshoots
Elle Girl Japan outtakes

We have brand new outtakes with Gillian Zinser from her Elle Girl Japan magazine shoot. She looks fabulous!


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Gallery Link: x7 | Photoshoots: 013

Gallery Updates Photoshoots
Los Angeles Times photoshoot

Actress Gillian Zinser is photographed for the Los Angeles Times on August 1, 2011 in Huntington Beach, California.

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Gallery Link: x4 | Photoshoots: 012

Site Updates

I’m going to vacations until September, 10. All updates would be after that day, sorry. Have a nice time guys and i think we all really excited for new season premiere of ‘90210’!

Candids Gallery Updates
Gillian driving in Los Angeles

Gillian was pictured driving in Venice, Los Angeles on August 10, 2011.

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Gallery Link: x2 | 10 August 2011

90210 Gallery Updates On the set
Gillian on the set of ‘90210’

Gillian was spotted while shooting a scene on August 10, 2011.


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Gallery Link: x4 | 10 August 2011

90210 Gallery Updates
New picture from ‘90210’ set

Someone from 90210-team posted new picture of Gillian during the set:

IVY gearing up for some 90210 scenes


Gallery Link: x1 | Miscellaneous: Personal

Gallery Updates Public Appearances

According to her Twitter, Gillian have a wonderful time at US Open. She also was there on 7 August and we have some pictures from photobooth.

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Gallery Link: x3 | SEE YOURSELF IN 4D @ US Open – 7 August 2011

Candids Gallery Updates
Gillian out in Venice

Gillian was pictured in Venice, CA on August 4, 2011.


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Gallery Link: x15 | 4 August 2011

90210 News Public Appearances
’90210′ Star Gillian Zinser: I Get Compared to Brenda Walsh!

90210 – an old zip code with a whole lot of new drama! The CW’s hit television show is currently filming it’s fourth season. One of the show’s stars, actress Gillian Zinser, is only kidding with the Brenda Walsh bit, because by now, it’s no secret that the spin-off teen drama is very different from the original series.

“I think we are really just trying to touch on the generation now, opposed to the old one touching on the generation then…times are changing,” says Tristan Wilds.

Tristan and Gillian were at the Hurley Walk the Walk 2011 National Championship surfing competition Thursday afternoon in Huntington Beach, CA. Celebuzz caught up with the duo to get the scoop on the popular show’s upcoming season!

“What can you not expect? There are so many ensemble stories coming together. There are a bunch of new characters and some old characters leaving us and a lot of transitions, we are all coming into our own,” says Zinser.

The season picks up with the gang after their high school graduation. The two wouldn’t give us any spoilers, but they did hint to the fact that the group will all be doing their own thing.

“If they will go to college, if they won’t, what they have seen done this summer, maybe something opened their eyes to something else…you will definitely get to see where kids want to be after high school,” says Tristan.

They may all be carving their own paths, but Gillian assures us the clan still has one thing in common.

“I think a lot of us have just grown the ‘eff’ up over the summer and you will see that in the surprising decisions that we all make in terms of where we are all going and who we are staying with and who we are leaving behind,” says Zisner.

Do you want to know who will be staying or who is checking out of the popular zip code? Tune into the season premiere Tuesday, September 13th at 8 PM on the CW!

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Who is Gillian
Gillian Amalia Zinser is an American actress, known for her appearances as Ivy Sullivan in 90210. She attended New York University in New York City, NY. Prior to 90210, she appeared in Southland, Cold Case and Cupid. She played a recurring role in 90210 during the second season from 2009 to 2010, as a young Californian surfer named Ivy Sullivan. In February 2010, she was signed as a regular cast member for the third season of the show. In 2011 Zinser starred in her first feature, The Truth Below for MTV, and in Liars All with Matt Lanter. She grew up in Washington, D.C. and now resides in Venice, California.
Current Projects
Holy New York (2018)
Gillian as Rose
Director: Sonya Goddy
Status: Post-production
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Whoever You Are, (2017)
Gillian as Woman
Director: Gillian Zinser
Status: Completed
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Band Aid (2017)
Gillian as Sheena
Director: Zoe Lister-Jones
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Halfway (2017)
Gillian as Eliza
Director: Ben Caird
Status: Completed
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End of Babes (2015)
Gillian as Elly
Director: Jimmy Marble
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Two Wrongs (2015)
Gillian as Sarah Harris
Director: Tristan Dubois
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official

Always Worthy (2015)
Gillian as Mara
Director: Marianna Palka
Status: Completed
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Asthma (2014)
Gillian as Kara
Director: Jake Hoffman
Status: Completed
Information | Photos | Official
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