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Gallery Updates Public Appearances
Chopard Auction To The Benefit Of Haiti

Artists for Peace and Justice teamed up with Chopard to hold an elegant benefit and live auction at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

The event was organized by APJ supporters Oscar Generale and Moran Atias, and co-hosted by APJ founder Paul Haggis, Advisory Board members Jane Fonda, Milla Jovovich and Ryan Kavanaugh, and the lovely Karolina Kurkova. Celebrity supporters Kenneth Cole, Patrick Dempsey, Angela Lindvall, Michelle Rodriguez and Gillian Zinser were also in attendance.

Paul acted as auctioneer, and co-hosts and supporters alike bid on items such as a trip to Haiti with APJ and Mark Evans’ iconic piece “RED – Furious Affection.” In total, the benefit raised almost $430,000 for Artists for Peace and Justice—100% of which will go directly to our programs in Haiti.


Gallery Link: x4 | Chopard Auction To The Benefit Of Haiti Organized by Paul Haggis – 18 May 2011

Movies News The Truth Below
MTV To Air Original Movie Thriller In June

MTV will continue its original movie initiative with the June 16 premiere of The Truth Below.

The two-hour thriller stars Gilian Zinser (90210), Reid Ewing (Modern Family), Nick Thurston (Surviving Ophelia) and Ricky Mabe (Zack and Miri Make a Porno) as college friends who learn more than they bargained for about each other after getting trapped under an avalanche returning home from a snowboarding vacation.

“We were immediately drawn to the script for The Truth Below which explores the complex and challenging themes of friendship, sex, death and betrayal through the perspective of characters the same age as the MTV audience,” said Chris Linn executive vice president of programming & head of production in a statement. “The Truth Below is an opportunity to expand our original movie brand beyond horror and comedy and work with an incredibly talented group of young actors. The twists and turns in the plot combined with exceptionally strong performances make this movie a true thriller.”

The Truth Below marks the sixth original movie from MTV since the network launched its new movie initiative in 2009. The previous films include the horror-themed My Super Psycho Sweet 16 and sequel My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 2; the dance-tinged Turn The Beat Around, and comedy-based Made The Movie and Worst Prom Ever!

90210 Gallery Updates
More 90210: 3×22 stills

I’ve added more high quality stills with Gillian for episode 3×22 “To The Future!” of 90210.


Gallery Link: x11 | Stills & Production Photos: 3×22 – “To The Future!”

Gallery Updates Movies The Truth Below Videos
The Truth Below: on set & bts before premiere of film The Truth Below, staring Gilian Zinser, Reid Ewing, Ricky Mabe and Nick Thurston posted new videos.

Hear the cast describe their on-screen characters, and get inside scoop on the complicated relationships depicted in the film. Gillian Zinser offers insight into her complicated character, Jenna. The cast and crew dish on the making of the film, and show off how they shot most of the movie from the inside of a car.

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Gallery Links:
| “The Truth Below” – Trailer Captures HD
x157 | “The Truth Below” – Behind The Scenes
x186 | “The Truth Below” – Cast Profile – Gillian Zinser

Liars All Movies News
Matt Lanter Promises Kissing, Threesomes & Truth Or Dare In His New Movie, ‘Liars All!’

Matt Lanter is ditching the beaches of Beverly Hills for the foggy streets of London in his upcoming psycho-sexual thriller, Liars All – and he tells to expect a side of him you’ve never seen before! Let’s just say the movie involves threesomes, a nasty game of truth or dare, and a pretty good chance of death. Read what Matt tells about another work with Gillian:

And which girl gets to play your love interest?
There’s two. I’m pining after one girl [Gillian Zinser’s Missy] and this other girl is pining after me [Sara Paxton’s Katie.] It’s like this whole web of desire. It always creates tension and drama.

Any hot scenes we should be particularly excited about?
We definitely have some steamy scenes for sure.

With both women at once?
Let me just tell you, it is at once. I was the sandwich there. The way it fits in is really interesting and intelligent. It’s not really done just for the ‘wow’ factor. … It got a little steamy there with me, Sara and Gillian. It was fun. Sarah Paxton is so fun. We’re making out, doing our thing — kissing, rubbing — and the next second, we’re cracking up after a take.

Was it awkward being in the middle of two girls?
Not really. … How does that make me sound? I was like, ‘I’m going to work today and having a threesome.’ Those two girls are so much fun and just kind easy to laugh with. I know Gillian well, and I’ve actually known Sara through some friends. So we all kind of knew each other. We’re all professional, we’ve all done it before. So we’re kind of used to the making out thing.

Speaking of Gillian, were you happy you got to work together outside of 90210?
It was weird at first. I was talking to the producers and was like, ‘You know Gillian and I are on the same show, right? Is that going to be off?’ They were like, ‘No, we’re cool.’ We went with it. It’s great. Again, I play a completely different character from the character I play on 90210. And so does Gillian.

Gallery Updates News
Young Hollywood Live Below Poverty Line

To expose the plight of the 1.4 billion people still living on $1.50 a day, some members of Young Hollywood live below poverty line –at least for a few days. It’s part of the Live Below the Line Campaign initiated by Hugh Jackman to help end extreme poverty. Some Young Hollywood stars embraced the challenge by pledging to live on $1.50 a day for 5 Days to encourage people everywhere to think about the daily reality faced by over a billion people on the planet.

Hit series “90210″ cast members, Jessica Stroup, Gillian Zinser, Matt Lanter, Trevor Donavan and Michael Steger have pledged their support for the campaign, and invite other Americans to go on an empathetic and educational journey that will cast light on how a quarter of the world lives. From May 16 – 20, thousands will be living on $1.50 a day for 5 days as part of the Live Below the Line initiative. The benchmark amount of $1.50 a day is the level defined by the World Bank as the “extreme poverty line” where basic resources such as food, shelter and medicine are often unsatisfactory.

Gillian Zinser and Matt Lanter, who are currently working on a film, decided to take the challenge together using social media platforms, like Twitter as well as Flip cameras to self-document and spread the word about their experience to their fans. The campaign has already received a huge response from eager, inspired fans now taking on the challenge themselves. They said doing live below the line made them think a lot about the limitations people in this situation have to face everyday.

Check out the short video montage of Gillian’s experience.

Anna Reeves, Campaign Manager, “We’ve had a huge response to the 90210 cast doing LBL. The sincerity of stars like Gillian and Matt about taking on the challenge is motivating all of us, it reminds people that we are all just human beings standing along side other human beings to help the most vulnerable people on our planet.”

Liars All Movies News
‘Liars All’ Still Shooting, Already Selling At Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival is a place where high profile movies debut, and many others try to snag international distribution deals. The movies don’t even have to be finished yet. Liars All is showing a sizzle reel to buyers. We were on the set in Los Angeles on Friday as they’re still shooting the movie.

“It happened so fast,” director Brian Brightly said. “In the first 12 days they cut a reel, we sent the publicity pictures over. ID’s [PR] been fantastic so [Cinema Management Group’s] got 16 meetings today with buyers looking at our sizzle reel, which is pretty great. It’s not the movie, it’s just a suggestion of the movie but it’s fun that everybody’s invested in trying to get it out there.”

For all you Cannes buyers, here’s what you’ll see if you take a meeting with CMG’s team. Liars All is a mystery thriller with sexual themes starring Sara Paxton, “The Tudors”’ Torrance Coombs and “90210” stars Matt Lanter and Gillian Zinser. A game leads to a murder, and three different recollections of the event uncover what really happened.

“Some of the sexual things that we’re doing are so foreign to me,” Paxton said. “I find it to be so nerve-wracking. I think that’s really difficult for everybody. Is that just me? I think it’s so awkward and it’s a whole different level of uncomfortable.”

Also a far cry from “90210.” Zinser gets to play a dangerous femme fatale.

“Why don’t you just say a manic depressive on the verge of losing her shit,” Zinser said. “It’s definitely something I haven’t played before. I took this role because of that. It’s probably the most powerful alpha character I’ve ever been able to play. She’s very much the opposite of who I am and who I’ve played thus far so it’s been interesting for sure.”

In the spirit of Cannes, Liars All is a European movie. It’s set in London as American college students go abroad, and Brightly is shooting it like a European movie.

“I was always excited about doing a movie that had sort of the thrills of a Blood Simple but the beauty of a movie like The Dreamers,” Brightly said. “I watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The Dreamers and Amelie and visually just got a template for what I wanted the movie to look like, which is very painterly, fantasy dream as the night begins and then as the reality of the danger comes in, it’s fractured into a much more realistic thriller. So it was fun to sort of have the visual landscape and then pour the story into it.”

So a teen movie with Bertolucci references.

“Actually Brian showed us all a scene from The Dreamers where he wanted us to have the feel of it,” Lanter said. “I was kind of intrigued by the movie. I hadn’t seen it so I actually watched the whole thing. [In] The Dreamers there’s a friendship aspect and in a nonsexual way a threesome aspect to it where they’re kind of friends, two of them are kind of romantic, the other one wants to be and then they end up.”

Oh, and Brightly’s already going for an R rating. There won’t be any nudity, but the plot gets twisted far beyond what they can show on The CW.

“For me [nudity] was less important than communicating that sex is power in this movie,” Brightly said. “So much of it is about the games and the manipulation. The whole movie for me was I’m fascinated by how our perceptions shift and I’m fascinated by the consequence of deceit, the consequence of falsifying. The movie’s all about that. It’s all about this is my version, what’s your version? This is how I remember it. How do you remember it? This is what I’d like to be saying but this is what I’m actually doing. Those kind of things.”

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 3×22 Screencaps

I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 22 of “90210”. I hope everyone enjoyed the finale, but it’s made me sad to wait so long for another season.

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Gallery Link: x544 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “To The Future!”

90210 Gallery Updates News
Gillian Zinser Previews 90210′s Prom ‘Disaster,’ Surprise Wedding and ‘Beautiful’ Finale

Teen marriage can be taboo, but not the way The CW’s 90210 is readying to showcase it. It’s no secret that Gillian Zinser‘s surfer gal Ivy will be tying the knot come season’s end, but since some of you prefer to stay spoiler free, I’ll advise you to avert your pretty little peepers…now. Why? Because I’ve got the full story from the actress herself, featuring all sorts of scoopy must-know details. Like the fact that the groom-to-be is Raj (Manish Dayal), duh!

During tonight’s 90210 prom episode (airing 8/7c), Ivy and her cancer-stricken boyfriend make the life-altering decision to get married — but not before overcoming a few obstacles.

“Prom is a bit of a disaster for Ivy, because Raj drinks a little bit too much,” Zinser tells TVLine. “He’s trying new forms of escapism after learning that his prognosis doesn’t look good. In his head, he’s protecting Ivy from eventually losing him to the cancer.”

“We end up spending prom in a parking lot outside having it out,” she continues, “which leads us to the next step in our relationship: an engagement.”

While Zinser acknowledges that “it’s out of character for Ivy to jump the gun and decide to get married,” the circumstances surrounding the shot-gun ceremony (airing May 16) make it all-the-more fitting. “This is Ivy’s way of dedicating to herself to this love, even though she knows she’s going to lose it. The relationship has an expiration date, so to speak, and the wedding itself becomes a symbolic celebration of the life Raj and Ivy live, as they live it.”

Though the rushed wedding is sadly the result of Raj’s dire prognosis, out of the 90210 tragedy comes something profoundly “beautiful.”

“The most important part of this finale, and this wedding, is that everyone gets their Carpe Diem moment,” expresses a passionate Zinser. “There are a bunch of different vignettes — Max and Naomi; Liam and Annie; and obviously Raj and I — circling around this idea of living in the moment and appreciating everything you have.”

Next Monday’s season ender, while emotional, sends off the West Bev besties in the perfect way.

“The episode ends with the gang circling around a bon fire at a post-wedding celebration,” Zinser offers. “We all talk about where we’ve been and how far we’ve come, because we don’t know exactly where everyone is going [next year].”

“It ends [the season] on a pretty beautiful note,” she adds, “considering the uncertainties.”

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 3×22 stills

I added new high quality stills with Gillian for episode 3×22 “To The Future!” of 90210.


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Gallery Link: x8 | Stills & Production Photos: 3×22 – “To The Future!”

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 3×21 Screencaps

I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 21 of “90210”.

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Gallery Link: x341 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “The Prom Before the Storm”

90210 Videos
10 on Top | 90210

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the ‘90210’ prom. You can see the captures from the video here.

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 3×21 stills

I added new high quality stills with Gillian for episode 3×21 “The Prom Before the Storm” of 90210.


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Gallery Link: x5 | Stills & Production Photos: 3×21 – “The Prom Before the Storm”

Candids Gallery Updates
Gillian out & about in LA

Gillian spotted while out & about in LA on May 6, 2011.


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Gallery Link: x17 | 6 May 2011

Gallery Updates Videos
Live Below the Line

WATCH Gillian Zinser (Ivy Sullivan) as she prepares for and discusses the importance of the Live Below the Line challenge, then JOIN her at The challenge is May 16-20, 2011. I also added captures from the video.

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Gallery Link: x162 | Web videos – Live Below the Line

90210 Gallery Updates
TVGuide Scan

On May 16, Ivy (Gillian Zinser) and terminally ill Raj (Manish Dayal) take a big step in their unpredictable future – a week after the groom nearly ruins everything with a three-way suggestion at prom.

“We get married on a cliff side in Palos Verdes – a visual masterpiece,” – says Zinser, teasing that Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) is the sole AWOL brides-maid. “They have me in the most phenomenal bindi and sari, and Raj rides in on an elephant. We’ll be giving Outsourced serious competition. It’s the most beautiful episode we’ve ever done.”


Gallery Link: x1 | TV Guide – May 2011

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 3×20 Screencaps

I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 20 of “90210”.

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Gallery Link: x76 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Women on the Verge”

Gallery Updates Public Appearances
MOCA Art In The Streets – Artists’ Opening

Actress Gillian Zinser attends the MOCA Art in the Streets Artists’ Opening at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA on April 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.


Gallery Link: x4 | MOCA Art In The Streets – Artists’ Opening – 14 April 2011

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 3×19 Screencaps

I added in the gallery HD captures with Gillian from episode 19 of “90210”.

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Gallery Link: x366 | Screen Captures: 90210 – “Nerdy Little Secrets”

90210 Gallery Updates
90210: 3×20 stills

I added new high quality stills with Gillian for episode 3×20 “Women on the Verge” of 90210.

I also have a great news – CWTV confirms, that 90210 will come back for next season and will come back next fall. Are you ready to see Ivy in college or goes do surfing? I am!


Gallery Link: x2 | Stills & Production Photos: 3×20 – “Women on the Verge”

Gallery Updates Public Appearances
68th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Some new-old pictures: actress Gillian Zinser attends the InStyle and Warner Bros. 68th annual Golden Globe awards post-party at The Beverly Hilton hotel on January 16, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.


Gallery Link: x2 | InStyle and Warner Bros. 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards – 16 January 2011

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